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Lee Howard Lee at asgard.org
Thu Dec 19 16:59:26 UTC 2013

You keep using terms with which I am unfamiliar.

From:  JFC Morfin <jefsey at jefsey.com>
> When these are machines (bots: automated processes) rather than condisciples
> you have to document, code and operate them and their protocols. This is why
> Vint explains that the internet is nothing more than a set of rules. In the
> reality people and machines are mixed in the same anthropobotic (Men+Bots)
> society. This means the protocol and code apply to hardware, software and
> brainware. 

What's a condisciple?  What's brainware?  What is an anthropobotic
(Men+Bots) society?
The rest of the paragraph doesn't make much sense to me, either.  Are you
inventing a new discipline?

> Hardware and software are the T&A cup of tea. Brainware is the area of
> anthropologists like Ben, and of Govs. Its set of rules/laws is established by
> the governance. This is why in order to master the whole thing you are to be
> an anthropobologist.

What's T&A in this context?

> Then you enter a new world. Up to now anthropology was "static" because men do
> not change that fast, nor the characteristics of their society. The
> anthropobotic society changes much faster because of the changes of the bots,
> and because of the additional synergy. Alvin Toffler indentified this in 1970
> with his famous diagnostic of the "future shock" that also results from the
> increase of the density of disciples (and now of mobiles) in the class-room.

I don't understand this contribution.

> This is the problem this list (and the world) are confronted to : how to
> understand, face and manage that synergy (the T&A see as its resulting "big
> bounty"). Vint had felt it and how to cope with it. This is his second
> motivation for the internet. However, IMHO, his project was confused by his
> use of the term "loose" to qualify the term "local" to partly extend the
> American meaning of "global" to the French meaning of the term .

Sorry, what synergy?  Loose and local what?
What it this American vs. French/global discrepancy of the word "global" you
keep referring to? 

> Developpers, business and computers do not understand what is a "loose" term
> and disregarded it. Staying local (network of ISP networks) in the end to end
> globally (Americain meaning) controlled interneting. This is why they consider
> trade, societal, intelligent (brainware) networking as a separate issue to be
> handled at the fringe (between the "end" and the "host"). This is a problem
> for T&A as, as per the IEN 48 prototype project's first motivation, they
> usually understandi "end = host".

How is a network of ISPs local?
What is interneting?
What is fringe?

> This kind of concern is no part of the I*CEO's Internet technology. This is a
> very basic one of the IG.

Sorry, too many pronouns.  What is "this"?

> This is why Brian Carpenter gives-up. This is perfectly consistent with his
> solution: 
> - T&A  are end to end
> - the rest is fringe to fringe.
> This is why I asked him (1) to give an example of end to end which has no
> relation with fringe to fringe issues (2) to tell me whay decide it if someone
> disagree?

You keep making reference to people (Vint, Brian, Ben) rather than to ideas.
That level of indirection is not helping me understand what you're getting


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