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Brian E Carpenter brian.e.carpenter at gmail.com
Thu Dec 19 19:43:31 UTC 2013

This is getting weird. I never used to agree with Milton and
now I agree with him on almost everything.

A list of people from US businesses only is significantly worse
than useless. This is no reflection on the individuals listed,
of course, but it will be universally regarded as putting the
foxes in charge of the hen house.


On 20/12/2013 08:16, Milton L Mueller wrote:
> I must say to my colleagues in the business community, I could not imagine a worse blunder than to stack all 5 positions on a Coordinating committee concerned with global Internet governance with 5 Americans or representatives of American corporations. 
> Considering that US pre-eminence, either through the IANA contract or via NSA surveillance, is both a precipitant and a topic of the meeting, this selection of representatives reaches a level of transnational tone-deafness that is truly staggering. Do you have any idea what message you are sending to the rest of us? Really, now, the ICC BASIS was unable to come up with a _single_ small business, not a single Indian or Chinese or Korean or European or African entrepreneur? Heck, do they even _have_ businesses in those places? ;-) 
> If I were 1net, I would send this list back to with two words: get real. 
> ________________________________________
> ** from Business:
> 1. Aparna Sridhar, Telecom Policy Counsel, Google
> 2. David Fares, Senior Vice President, Government Relations, 21st Century Fox
> 3. Marilyn Cade, President, ICT Strategies mCade
> 4. Sarah Wynn-Williams, Manager, Global Public Policy, Facebook
> 5. Paul Mitchell, Senior Director, Technology Policy, Microsoft Corporation
> _______________________________________________
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