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Fri Dec 20 08:53:16 UTC 2013

Dear Milton

Greetings. Could you please take down the pink glasses. The Civil 
Society nomination process was nothing but securing power and throwing 
weight around. In short it was a joke and as such the nominees will 
behave and seen. Pity that 2 groups already disqualified themselves from 
be taken serious. That does neither help nor support 1net. It seems to 
be tainted from the start.


(not miffed, but looking for the truth!)

    On 12/20/2013 5:46 AM, Milton L Mueller wrote:
> >And here I thought the Civil Society nominating process was a relative model of
> >democratic and inclusive ideals....
> >
> >Greg Shatan
> Relatively speaking? It was. Michael is miffed because he wasn't on 
> the committee. There were conflicting criteria. We were told to "hurry 
> up" which means a smaller number of well-placed actors need to take 
> initiative; we are also told to be inclusive. The committee that made 
> the decision consists of the 4 groups that contain in one way or 
> another nearly all the Internet governance-active civil society people 
> (including Michael, who is on both the IGC and IRP lists).
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