[discuss] /1net Steering/Coordination Commitee

Stephen Farrell stephen.farrell at cs.tcd.ie
Sat Dec 21 15:26:36 UTC 2013

On 12/21/2013 10:37 AM, Roland Perry wrote:
> Quite a few people have been doing that for some time (myself, on and
> off, since 1999 for example).

I didn't mean to imply it hadn't been tried. But I think results
so far are not yet a wild success (in RFC 5218 terms:-). From my
POV I've not see that much success so far - the modus operandi of
the IETF for example still seems to be unknown or mysterious to
most government folks I've met. But then I don't come across
government folks that often so it could seem better from other
perspectives. (I'm not saying that the IETF's approach is the
ideal btw, but it is an important part of the story here.)

I do think that some good-willed work in this area could well
be fruitful. I also think that folks who'd be good for doing that
might be at that Brazil meeting.

I've no idea if 1net is supposed to actually help stuff happen,
or just organise for fun, but in the former case, this would be
a good example of stuff to try help with (or try again).


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