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John (and also following Suzanne, 


Please be aware that I am not commenting on or suggesting operating
principles for Inet itself, a subject on which at this time I have no
information and thus no opinion.  However, I am most certainly commenting on
the nomination procedures from the CS grouping concerning CS representation
on the Inet committees and as I mentioned before since Inet seems to have
designated certain representational structures as exclusive sources for
nomination from specific stakeholder groups, and moreover seems to have
accepted those nominations, then Inet is most definitely responsible for any
faults in those processes and their outcomes and is similarly responsible to
take appropriate actions once this has been pointed out.




An internet for the common good - a Community Informatics Declaration: to
read and endorse http://tinyurl.com/kfaacqn



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Following on from Milton's observation concerning the imbalance in the
representation from the business community I would propose to Inet that
there are two groupings within CS.  One that articulates the interests and
concerns of those with a primary vocation in the area of free expression,
human rights and related matters, and a second which articulates the
interests and concerns of those with a primary vocation in the area of
"Internet Justice" as for example identified in the CI Declaration.


That being the case a second "nominating committee" in the Internet Justice
area would be created to nominate representation in the various forums
emerging out of the Brazil conference and elsewhere. 


Michael - 


   The CI Declaration's recognition of "Internet Justice" is quite
admirable, but I am unaware

   of 1net taking any position regarding this principle.  To establish a
second nominating 

   committee based on such a principle would be premature (to best of my
knowledge, at this

   time the only foundational statement of principles for 1net is the
Montevideo Statement on 

   the Future of Internet Cooperation)


   I am not suggesting that your proposal isn't worthwhile, only that it is
premature given that

   is it based on principles not yet considered.   One of the important work
items for a 1net

   steering committee (in my view) is to establish how 1net work items will
be selected, and 

   how consensus on 1net outputs will be determined - those appear to be
fundamental tasks 

   which would allow consideration of "Internet Justice" as 1net principle.




Disclaimer: My views alone


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