[discuss] Questions regarding business sector participation

JFC Morfin jefsey at jefsey.com
Mon Dec 23 17:58:06 UTC 2013

At 10:09 23/12/2013, Nick Ashton-Hart wrote:
>The world has shifted on all things Internet but industry has not 
>yet caught up to the shift, which is natural and not a surprise; it 
>takes industry longer than some other sectors to adapt to dramatic, 
>short-term changes such as the Snowden revelations have produced.

Dear Nick,

Actually, the US ARPA, long ago, experimented a limitation to its own 
needs of the developing general/trade internetworking. This 
experimentation has never been completed and has been taken into the 
spiral of the AT&T divestiture and telecommunications deregulation. 
The resulting interim technology and operational solution have met 
with immense success, but still suffers from two basic difficulties 
that it has to overcome:

1. the self-imposed architectural limitations in terms of extensions, 
security, and services (the missing layer 6 OSI presentation and its 
continuations: even though uncoordinated due to that lack of 
identification, a lot has developed in that area for 35 years) that 
have been exposed by the possibility for the NSA to act, as 
documented by Snowden.

2. a monopoly shift : a "radical monopoly" (see the definition by 
Ivan Illich) has developed out of the strategy to oppose/propose an 
alternative to former PTT/Gov monopolies. That new monopoly needs to 
be divested now in its own turn. Its own proposition (ICANN/IANA 
globalization, OpenStand, 1NET process, Sao Paulo meeting, etc.) is 
not convincing so far, perhaps because it is not explained but rather 
imposed as an urgent process by undeclared groups of individuals or 
monopolizing processes or attempts.

The same people + the same technology + the same strategy (may not 
necessarily) == a warranty of positive revolution.

The world has not shifted on all things Internet. It has shifted to 
digital and it has just discovered via Snowden that the digisphere's 
network technology was not completed yet as it believed.  The risks 
of costly delays, industrial hi-jack, use split, political 
"balkanization" is the lack of consensus in the way IUsers are going 
to finish the work if this is not architectonically devised and concerted.


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