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Let us remember Y2000 problem. Looks IPv4-->IPv6 transition problem is
 from the same range. If it will be a vital problem, business will
find a way, how to resolve this problem - there are lot of solutions.
I think it is an artificial problem, but of course, after few years it
will be necessary to find a solution, but without ITU :)
Grigori Saghyan

On 24.12.2013 18:11, Jorge Amodio wrote:
> That proposal and subsequent meetings have been based on a long
> list of flawed assumptions, like that developing countries will not
> get their fare share of allocation of IPv6 address space and that
> allocation and assignment policies of IPv4 will be replicated for
> IPv6.
> Rod Beckstrom at the time -big foot in the mouth situation- got in
> a public pissing contest with ITU fanboys that was a fascinating
> show of how much clue both sides had about this matter.
> And following ITU openness many if not all the documents related to
> that WG require TIES access.
> In summary ITU's claim that IPv6 allocation is broken is 100% bogus
> and unfounded.
> -Jorge
>> On Dec 24, 2013, at 2:44 AM, Roland Perry
>> <roland at internetpolicyagency.com> wrote:
>> In message
>> <20131222141221.7A40A21AB6 at inbound-queue-3.mail.thdo.gradwell.net>,
>> at 15:11:58 on Sun, 22 Dec 2013, JFC Morfin <jefsey at jefsey.com>
>> writes
>>>> eg (and no specific criticism intended, the
>>>> something-is-broken-we-must-fix-it meme is pervasive) the ITU
>>>> claiming IPv6 allocation is broken,
>>> Would you have the URL of an ITU comprehensive review of the
>>> matter? Thank you!
>> http://www.itu.int/en/ITU-T/others/ipv6/Pages/default.aspx for
>> the meetings I was referring to. -- Roland Perry
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