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Hello All,

This document might be of interest and provide further explanation on the issue being discussed.

ITU-T Proposal regarding IPv6 Address


Nathalie -

  The issue being discussed is far greater than "whether there should be national IPv6
  address registries via the ITU"...  (that particular topic has been discussed at length
  in various ITU Study Groups and has gone moribund due to inability to find any actual
  problem that would be solved as a result of proceeding accordingly)

  "IPv6 Deployment" poses several Internet Governance questions (see my earlier email
  for several examples), but it is just one instance of how an apparently purely technical
  issue can have intersection with governments varied public policy interests.   A big part
  of improving Internet coordination is figuring how to find these areas of intersection, and
  then finding mutually acceptable mechanisms for engaging in productive discussion.


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