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Deae All,
there is lot of different services, who are able to assign unique numbers:
Credit/debt  cards numbering, bar codes, phone country codes and DNIC
codes, IATA airport codes,  amateur radio country  codes, etc.
 In some cases   IGOs are responsible to allocation, in that case
possible to say, that it is "regulation". For credit card numbers
responsible agency is a non governmental structure - banks with their
internal agreements,   for bar codes it is also non-governmental
commercial  structure. For phone numnrs it is ITU.  But in case of IP
addresses allocation  a  non-governmental structure is able to  create
a global problem for governments. This is the main topic of discussion.
Grigori Saghyan

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>> 1. I think there is quite broad agreement that allocations and
>> use of IPv6 address should be unique, i.e. the same address
>> should not be allocated to two or more parties.
> That is indeed technical coordination, but there are actually
> important policy and governance issues embedded even in this
> issue. As an easy example, consider the question of whether the
> registries that keep execute and track of these allocations should
> be regional, local or national. Or what are the criteria for
> establishing a new RIR, if one chooses RIRs as the model. How one
> operationalizes the coordination process has political 
> implications, which is why, e.g., some countries insist on setting
> up NIRs or why the ITU wanted to replace (or supplement) RIRs with
> "country Internet registries" (CIRs).
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