[discuss] IPv6 Deployment and IG

JFC Morfin jefsey at jefsey.com
Fri Dec 27 19:38:34 UTC 2013

At 19:49 27/12/2013, Brian E Carpenter wrote:
>I understand that people brought up knowing about the E.164 numbering system
>don't know this a priori, but it is amazing to me that after 15 years we are
>still having to re-explain this elementary fact so often

It is amazing after 40 years we are still having to recall that 
elementary fact so often: the internet architecture is designed to 
foster technical competition as reminded in RFC 6852 by the IETF, 
IAB, IAB, WEC and ISOC chairs.
What is at stake is the Internet Technical Governance to 
operationnally support that competition. This probably is what 
together with ICANN call the ICANN and IANA globalization (as per 
your RFC 2850).

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