[discuss] IPv6 Deployment and IG

Avri Doria avri at acm.org
Fri Dec 27 19:53:08 UTC 2013


It is also a policy decision involved in deciding that typology of the 
network would not attempt too align closer to geographic boundaries, at 
least in some instances.  It currently doesn't, and i would prefer it 
didn't, but it could.   Yes there would be implications on the routing 
and on the (re)assignment of ASes, but there could be better regional 
and national alignment over time if that was something we made it a 
policy to support.


On 27-Dec-13 14:15, Milton L Mueller wrote:
>> All of which ignores the fact that IP addresses are allocated,
>> routed, and used topologically, not geographically. Which
>> means that all discussion of them in terms of physical
>> geography and national boundaries is completely pointless.
>>From the standpoint of pure technical efficiency, perhaps so. But then you need to explain to me why we have a growing number of NIRs in Asia and Africa (including Japan) and I why I spent several months this year trying to prevent the US DEA and DoJ from imposing jurisdictional boundaries on ARIN allocations on the basis of a "know your customer" rationale. To me the explanation seems obvious; if a political authority can align allocation and assignment authority with their own jurisdiction then they have more power over Internet uses and users.
> --MM

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