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Tks Alejandro,


But I think the other conversations are rather more relevant. Of course I’ll
be pleased to discuss this with you privately as might be useful.




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one last try...


What issues away, well very far away from ICANN do you think should be


How has Community Informatics set an example that others should follow? 


How and where is that sequestered by the evil forces?


What is the exciting discussion forum where the respective debate is taking


Alejandro Pisanty


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Thanks for you clarity on this John




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You probably overlooked this paragraph


There is a third possible goal (which I would anticipate many in this
discussion will suggest) which is “enabling the most effective (and/or
efficient) operation of the Internet”.  However, on close examination I
think it is clear that this is not (and cannot) be a discrete goal in
itself, rather it simply awaits the raising of the same question
the most effective operation of the Internet” for what
 --the public
interest or the range of private interests?


Michael - 


   I saw the paragraph, and answered it:  the technical coordination of
Internet identifier 

   predominantly serves the providers of the infrastructure of the Internet
itself, i.e. private 


[MG>] yes


   That does not mean that the Internet itself cannot be focused on serving
public interests,

   or have a set of principles oriented towards that purpose, but simply
that a set of principles 

   for that purpose are above the infrastructure,... i.e. a  set of
principles for Internet _governance_, 

   whereas ICANN and the related registries are predominantly about
technical administration,

   and need a set of principles focused on open and transparent
administration of the registries.


[MG>] So, in an Internet ecology where ICANN is a central player and where
they have  very considerable funds (and an active interest) to animate and
influence that ecology the central “principle” is that of supporting and
enabling “private interests”.  


That being the case perhaps you could tell us, given the current
configuration of activities and the evidently single minded push from the
USG and the leadership of ICANN to be the core framework for Internet
Governance, where exactly will the initiatives come from to ensure that “the
 can.. be focused on public interests” or develop a “set of
principles oriented towards that purpose”
 especially since ICANN has worked
so assiduously to ensure that Civil Society (and the technical community) is
aligned with its activities and directions (and values?).


I’m wondering if an ”Internet for the private good” (i.e. for the benefit of
the Comcasts of the world and their owners—the 1%)  is consistent with the
desires and expectations of the rest of the world outside of the rarified
atmosphere of ICANN’s 5 star hotels and the USG and their allies and that in
fact most (and including their countries) would very much opt for an
Internet for the Common Good








Disclaimer: My view alone.


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