[discuss] What is MSism?

Barry Shein bzs at world.std.com
Mon Apr 7 18:07:43 UTC 2014

I have a question.

It seems to me there are two major ways MSism can operate, plus
hybrids (SG = stakeholder group.)

1. Each SG is responsible for recommending policy within the scope of
its own mission probably to an executive which ratifies and

  So, a GAC might recommend on how govts react to some sovereignty
  issue and an ISP or RIR SG might on IPv4/v6 transition mechanics.

2. All SGs vote (or similar) on most everything -- they operate more
like political parties in a parliamentary system. Once enfranchised
they vote &c on most anything.

Hybrids might involve some issues being assigned (by whom?)
specifically to certain SGs for various reasons, probably specialty of
expertise or interest, and other issues voted &c on by all SGs.

Another hybrid might be one where specialty issues are studied and
recommended by specific SGs and then presented for vote &c by all SGs
perhaps with some opportunity for re-write and amendment.

I suspect people are imagining a hybrid solution but the devil is in
the details particularly where issues cross SG boundaries and how
participation is gated.

Are there terms for this sort of taxonomy?

        -Barry Shein

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