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Wed Apr 9 14:42:42 UTC 2014

27 meetings to go. Probably thousands of pages to read. I am a simple 
master of his own VGN who wants as billions to optimize his Internet 
use and protection. What is in all this for me?

I now use a simple metric before wasting time on a document: I run a 
find on "use" in it (if any) which corresponds to standalone Internet 
use, or user.
* I found only one remote allusion in the ICANN page: they want to 
coordinate with special use registries.
* In the scope, I found none.

1. So I am not concerned. Good.
2. Can I be affected? It seems not as ICANN adopt a two reasonable 
two steps process adapted the Sao Paulo leak.
2.1. to adapt itself.
2.2. to adapt its IANA service to the then prevailing circumstances. 
In the scope it provides a nice illustration which evidences that:
2.2.1. there are four functions with a development accountable 
organization (DAO). Two are of general purpose, two are of Class IN interest.
2.2.2. the content of these functions is generically called the 
"IANA" for which ICANN provides a centralized repository and 
presentation service.

As a standalone VGN operator I am only interested in a consistent 
updated content of all the technology and networking parameters I 
use, i.e. a metadata distrubuted registry protocol (MDRP) this four 
Internet DAOs, and all the non-internet layers ones will use.

I therefore understand that the ball is in the IAB field: a consensus 
would be welcome on 
http://tools.ietf.org/id/draft-iab-iana-framework-02.txt within a 
conxtext where there is no selected groups with different equal 
footing layers, and a regular appeal procedure.


At 03:38 09/04/2014, Jordan Carter wrote:
>ICANN has released its proposal for the transition dialogue re NTIA 
>DNS functions.
>The page and material is at 
>This page includes the principles and mechanisms and seeks comment 
>on these, as well as a process that involves an ICANN community 
>steering group with an ICANN secretariat to help the discussion 
>along. Scope is set out in a paper linked from this page at 
>On a very cursory and initial read, the scope appears to not account 
>properly for the broad oversight or stewardship functions of the 
>NTIA in respect of the DNS, and rules out discussion of IANA being 
>operated by ICANN as part of the conversation.
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