[discuss] Wikileaks releases Penultimate NetMundial Outcome Document

Michel Gauthier mg at telepresse.com
Fri Apr 11 09:42:19 UTC 2014

How refreshing and true!

The transition is from a decentralized (cf. NTIA "the internet is a 
decentralized network") to a distributed network. From US centricity 
(NTIA contract) to a people's centricity (WSIS) that most of the 
people of this "sandbox" still confuse with an ICANN centricity "in 
consultation with the NTIA" (cf. scope: NTIA has the con, as usual) 
"under the Affirmation of Commitments". This is why they confuse what 
is meant to be a "first step of work" with the whole walk. They 
forget that this first step is only about a "global dialogue".

However, it seems that this "first step" is going to end on sept 2015 
(cf. the circus road map on the ICANN pags). So, the second is the 
transfer from NTIA to ICANN and not to the us the people of the world.

Have you the same feeling?

There was an attempt to discuss governance outside of the ICANN 
middleware, but it stopped as becoming ICANN inclusive. Should we 
start a multilingual mailing list?


BTW, I found an interesting site for those who want to discuss 
network reality and resulting governance functions in more details 

At 00:17 11/04/2014, Burkov Dmitry wrote:
>for me it seems that you lost feeling - how we - nonnative English 
>speakers can interpret you wording.
>I really can enjoy yours - Milton - as  yours Brian opinions - both 
>brilliant sometimes  - all your attempts to simplify your language - 
>but the outcome it  is still the same - you play in your sandbox - 
>even if this sandbox today covered this world.
>For me it is obviously - that it is like a game - this is not a 
>discussion to organize internet governance - but just about how
>to transfer some responsibility from NTIA to ICAN(this is not a 
>mistake) and don't touch some historically sensitive influencers.
>best regards,

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