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> Neither NTIA nor anyone with any responsibility within the operational side
> of Internet infrastructure has suggested that there be a change to the
> operational status of IANA.  Indeed, there have been
> strong statements that, for a number of important reasons, including stability
> of the DNS, it should not be changed.

Depends on what you mean by "the operational status of IANA." If you mean there is no consideration of structural separation of IANA from ICANN's policy making process by people with operational responsibility, you are completely wrong. Verisign, for example, has stated that it favors separation and opposes moving its current functions into ICANN. If you mean simply that IANA should remain operational during and after the transition, sure. But who or what is IANA remains open.

There was, and is, plenty of discussion whether ICANN or someone else should take over the role now performed by Verisign, or whether those roles should be parsed and bundled in different ways. If this means a change in "operational status," then everyone is discussing IANA's operational status. Indeed, as David Conrad said, one cannot avoid changing the operational status of the DNS root, because removing NTIA from the loop is a change in operational status.

> Larry Strickling's statements in
> Singapore were certainly clear on the matter.

This is not true. I was in Singapore, I do not recall seeing you there. I had a direct conversation with Strickling in which he showed me the IGP paper and said "nothing in the NTIA instructions prevents this from happening is it has community support." I listened to his speech at the end of the NCUC conference and he did not say what you attribute to him. I listened to his discussion at the GAC and he did not say what you attribute to him. I watched his testimony before Congress and he did not say that there would be no change in the

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