[discuss] FT: The power of the US cable (Internet) barons must be challenged

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Is your point that Internet governance concerns should be expanded to include layer 1 connectivity providers, and all that the subject implies?

If so, perhaps you could say more rather than just copying an article from the press.  If not, then this is off topic.


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> From the Financial Times (UK)
> The power of the US cable barons must be challenged
> <Untitled attachment 01028.gif>By Edward LuceAuthor alerts
> No one in Washington seems to have the will to stop industry moguls from tightening their grip on the internet
> <Untitled attachment 01031.jpg>©Matt Kenyon
> Imagine if one company controlled 40 per cent of America’s roads and raised tolls far in excess of inflation. Suppose the roads were potholed. Imagine too that its former chief lobbyist headed the highway sector’s federal regulator. American drivers would not be happy. US internet users ought to be feeling equally worried.

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