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Jefsey jefsey at jefsey.com
Tue Apr 15 09:13:50 UTC 2014

At 03:08 15/04/2014, Carlos A. Afonso wrote:
>  unfragmented,

Dear Carlos,

the internet is fragmented at missing layer six. This results in the 
RFC 6852 "global communities" of which the economy is now to direct 
the standardization evolution. This fragmentation is dependent on the 
mobile OS environment. It is not yet at the parameter plane but this 
what all this is about.

The whole lobbying we are submitted to comes from this: the edge 
providers (Google, Apple, Microsoft ...) want to get rid of the 
single NTIA oversight. The internet is now growing as the addition of 
the global community networks (edge MS) of the network of networks 
opposing through a fragmented "de facto standardisation" the 
emergence of general personal (multitude's MS) virtual networking of 
the networks of networks. Please read RFC 6852.

The qui-pro-quo is to societally engineer this new status-quo as 
being supposedly desired by the Civil Society (i.e. consumers). 
Brazil is a key spot for this tug of war as Europe is sleeping and US 
is already conquered. It has the Marco Civil and the engineering 
capacity to oppose fragmentation through open source. The brillant 
move is to diverted attention from the technical dividing to a 
political bog, so everyone's focus will be on the wrong spot until a 
de facto consensus of usage has settled the technical fragmentation, 
which in turn will induce the community fragmentation, and eventually 
the parameter fragmentation that will stabilize the market share new 
status-quo through the growth of goodwill "bridges".

This is why the only way to oppose that now leading trend is to 
rebuild the internet from its WSIS indentified core: the person, its 
digital use, its digital resources optimization, from home to the 
global world, on an open Libre basis to get rid of the commercial 
money of the edge oligopoles.

As a Brazilian Civil Society leader your role is not negligible in 
that uncertain situation.


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