[discuss] Troll

Jefsey jefsey at jefsey.com
Wed Apr 16 01:20:14 UTC 2014

At 02:27 16/04/2014, George Sadowsky wrote:
>I agree.  The Steering Committee has agreed to put into effect 
>certain processes to deal with this, modeled after IETF procedures 
>for dealing with the same behavior.  We should see a proposal, and 
>then hopefully something being put into practice very soon.


This implies the clarification on the ICANN/NTIA position regarding 
their conception of what is an enhanced cooperation, in particular 
with the multitude's stakeholders.

I am back from my evening working meeting on VGNs. People were quite 
pleased with the "troll" mails: every of us wait for this, now 
annouced, clarification. It was made urgent by the today's 
parallel  "so many of your statements here are false or twisted in 
your assumed implications that it hurts" rude words of a former ICANN 
VP to Carlos A. Afonso, the civil society artesan of the NETmundial, 
for his gallant presentation of the user's genuine vision of the 
status of the I*leaders' RFC 6852 internet.

The Steering Committee position will be a test for the NTIA. It will 
help us to know far better what the olicannopole's MSism and 
globalization can be, just in time before the Sao Paulo meeting. I 
obviously hope that VGN Masters, IUsers of the Multitude and 
end-users (on a non pay-vote basis) will be able to cooperate with 
the new ICANN toward an architectural innovative revamp of the global 
catenet under a neutral internet reviewed, consolidated, and extended 
trustable technology.


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