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Dear Seun,


Thank you for the clarifications. I can understand, I’m a supporter of the Open Source too. 


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Hello Victor,


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Hi Seun

> I suggest that stakeholders start donating money to open source projects on which they rely on.
++1 like openssl developer lead said in a recent blog post; they hardly receive more then 2000USD of donation in a year! This is a tool that many Organization and  government use for their billion dollar projects. So when we get a bug (like the recent heartbeat) we cry foul!

So Bugs and such incidents are ways for OpenSSL Project to receive more donations?

I don't think i have implied this in any way! The point is that FOSS project lacks support which does not allow consistent testing and faster bug fixes(by the way there are FOSS that are fully matured and don't have this issue). I think you should view this from that point of view, and not that they have intentionally included the bug just for the opportunity to ask for donation. 

Definitely users have to think twice before embracing “free” tools, service, and software…Nothing is free!

And what makes you think such bugs don't exist with closed source systems? the reason why you don't notice is because you have forgotten that you paid huge sum for it. While FOSS solutions are very stable, if you use them i think it is in all fairness that you commit a 10% of what you would have paid for closed source to equivalent to further development the software. 

Definitely FOSS is free but not as in "free beer" so yes you should think twice by either ensuring to support the development of the software you are using for FREE or go pay a huge sum of money for the closed-source alternative and get locked in ;)




The broken thing to fix here is Trust. I hope soon we will fix all those issues (IPv6, Privacy, Security and Trust) and move to the “Production Version” of the Internet. I wonder how we can have them all.

Actually i am not sure i got this part, even when we go v6 it doesn't mean we won't be requiring SSL. So taking about fixing trust on the internet may be a new thing for the production version of Internet you refer

Security features were not there when the “experiment Internet” (IPv4) was built, the “production Internet” (IPv6) has security features built in. In other hand I agree that we will never have a 100% secure Internet because a security issue is not just about technology, It is also about users; It is a culture matter. 

Thank you.



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