[discuss] NTIA "Oversight" (was Dear ICANN - Feedback)

Jefsey jefsey at jefsey.com
Thu Apr 17 01:34:05 UTC 2014

At 01:12 17/04/2014, Mike Roberts wrote:
>Taking a slightly different cut at this, let's attempt a 
>classification of options for moving forward with oversight of the 
>IANA function. (This is deliberately constrained to the matter which 
>NTIA has put before the community,)


you should realistically consider the cost of the NTIA removal. I do 
not oppose ICANN for the fun of it, but because, among other things, 
the decrease in revenues. Its pure mechanics, even if everything 
remained the same as two years ago (we oversight the changes in the 
architectural context), there will be a certain loss of trust, that 
will lead to a small/medium decrease of the DN price tag. Hence of 
the DN tax result. There might be a corollary investment increase due 
to new gTLDs, but I would work on both hypothesis in parallel.


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