[discuss] Troll II [was diverted to Multiple undisclosed identities]

Jefsey jefsey at jefsey.com
Thu Apr 17 14:50:39 UTC 2014

:-) :-) :-)


you deeply affected this Sao Paulo preparation MS process. Now, you 
want to transform an MS process into a Sherlock Governance Game! And 
you have induced DoS attack on our IPs. Thanks! You are getting 
boring. That is certainly a troll by any means.

One must not feed the trolls. But I understand you are the white 
crusader. And is so doing you are teaching us a few things about this 
MS process, debate and purpose. But please before becoming ridiculous 
at discovering incorrectly the widely published and known obvious you 
***should*** definitly read http://telepresse.com! Or may be call the NSA!

Actually, your intense work, a part of incitating hackers to attack 
us, shown you and others what a pre-VGN can be. Give us a few months 
more for us to experiment and document that better. If you want to 
come and help in our place we will show you the few we still are, our 
IPs, machines, softwares, etc. Where we are located. Not the 
telepress members list and situation reports (not big but sometimes 
interesting, some others requiring big work) because this is covered 
by press protection rights.

For others, Troll apart:

we have been hit by an attack on our main system (after I annouced 
our VGn experimentations project ...?), so Intlnet and World at Wide 
have many sites to bring back (including IUCG) or/and to change 
configuration and machine. We are currently ordering a master one at 
the office and a second online server. This takes time and money we 
are to personnally foot. We are not ICANN, NRO, ISOC, etc. (or even 
.NZ) even if some people are expecting more extended and test-bed 
experimentation services from us. As everyone knows, the work is not 
related to the number of users, but to the files to produce and 
maintain on-line. The budget for only one Washingtonian person to go 
to Singapore to listen to Lawrence Strickling's down-town Washington 
speach would cover the full cost of our prototype project.

So, Jay,
I would appreciate that after your fun, you stop harassing our 
operations and team. You gave us, however, an important lesson: MS 
cooperation may imply MS conflicts,  and MS process tools must 
obviously permit to address them ethically and efficiently, i.e. 
being satisfactory to BOTH parties. In this case, our VGNIC is not 
much affected because we are cool FLOSS people, but the NZ NIC is 
obviously worried.

We never intended that. I just want to underline that I came in the 
open to describe a problem, I was rebuked, I persisted because the 
problem is the problem of the stakeholder I am and of our team (and I 
believe it is the problem of the stakeholders most of you will be, 
sometime when we have worked, experimented, documented, developed for 
you, with the few who already help or all those who will join). Now, 
the problem has been demonstrated, it is up to all of us to address it.

It boils down to a simple phrase: the relational networks' virtual 
networks on the various technology networks of physical 
networks.  With a metaphor from RFC 4894 I keep in mind: "Since each 
technology step roughly doubles memory, that implies that if demand 
grows faster than about (2x/1.5x) = 1.3x every 2 years, then 
technology refresh will not be able to remain on a constant cost curve."


At 14:11 17/04/2014, Jay Daley wrote:
>Hi All
>I apologise for the further distraction from the core work of this 
>list but I am very concerned by the strong possibility that one 
>person is using multiple undisclosed identities on this list.  The 
>email addresses in question are:
>         JFC Morfin <jefsey at jefsey.com>
>         Elisabeth Blanconil <info at vgnic.org>
>         Michel Gauthier <mg at telepresse.com>
>The evidence is all in the mail headers:
>1.  Inside the header of the email from Elisabeth Blanconil with the 
>subject "[discuss] IANA missing information" is this header showing 
>that whoever is Elisabeth Blanconil they are posting from JFC Morfin's PC:
>         Received: from ([]:53040
>                 helo=Morfin-PC.vgnic.org)
>                 by host.presenceweb.org with esmtpa (Exim 4.82)
>                 (envelope-from <info at vgnic.org>) id 1WPZyo-0004es-6W
>                 for discuss at 1net.org; Mon, 17 Mar 2014 09:01:34 -0700
>2.  All the emails from either of these three email addresses 
>contain the following header showing that they all use the same, now 
>defunct, email client:
>         X-Mailer: QUALCOMM Windows Eudora Version
>3.  All the emails from all three have the first mail relay as
>         host.presenceweb.org
>presenceweb.org has false WHOIS data except for the email contact 
>which is jefsey at jefsey.com.  Since 2002 when presenceweb.org was 
>re-registered it has no digital footprint other than its use by 
>these three email addresses.
>4.  The only digital footprint of the email addresses info at vgnic.org 
>and mg at telepresse.com are on Internet governance or IETF lists where 
>JFC Morfin is active.
>5.  The postal addresses given on WHOIS for jefsey.com, vgnic.org 
>and telepresse.com are all the same.  Rather surprisingly if you 
>view this address in Google Maps and zoom in close enough then the 
>name of the owner appears nearby.  Can you guess who?
>If Michel or Elisabeth are real people then do please let me 
>know.  Otherwise I leave this matter in the hands of the list administrators.
>Jay Daley
>Chief Executive
>.nz Registry Services (New Zealand Domain Name Registry Limited)
>desk: +64 4 931 6977
>mobile: +64 21 678840
>linkedin: www.linkedin.com/in/jaydaley
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