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While the ICANN “Governance” report <https://www.icann.org/en/about/planning/strategic-engagement/governance-ecosystem/report-23feb14-en.pdf>  is interesting and useful and provides a very good framing for ICANN’s perspective and role in governance of the DNS function, one thing I don’t understand is why there is the inclusion of a “social” layer in the “onion skin” model of the Internet but no “economic” layer.  


Surely the economics of the Internet, including who is profiting (and who isn’t), how tax revenues are realized (and avoided), how costs/revenues are assigned and what access or influence is associated is of equal interest and significance to the areas identified for the “social” layer. 


An associated question is what does the absence of the inclusion of an “economic” layer say about how ICANN is choosing to approach (or not approach) matters of Internet governance.  One of course, also has to ask why it is taking this approach rather than another which would appear to be equally if not more pertinent and likely of even greater significance overall.




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Excellent doc, McTim.  I'll add one more comment and a suggested document.  In many ways, "multistakeholder" is a philosophy, and could be affected by cultural norms---it is probably not a binary relationship.  There's another perspective on the topic in the Strategy Panel on ICANN's Role in the Internet Governance Ecosystem.  While it is a long report, skipping to Section 3 provides some thoughts on multistakeholder governance, which also includes discussion on some of the "characteristics" of governance, like the meaning of "stewardship" (another word that can mean a lot of different things to people).  <https://www.icann.org/en/about/planning/strategic-engagement/governance-ecosystem/report-23feb14-en.pdf> Report is here. 



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I believe all of your queries RE: MSism should be answered by this doc:




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> My contribution to this discussion...
> Blogpost: The Multistakeholder Model, Neo-liberalism and Global (Internet)
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