[discuss] we need to fix what may be broken

Lee Howard Lee at asgard.org
Fri Apr 18 15:18:05 UTC 2014

On 4/18/14 3:02 AM, "S Moonesamy" <sm+1net at elandsys.com> wrote:

>Hi Barry,
>At 12:42 17-04-2014, Barry Shein wrote:
>>I'm wondering if the assertion is "don't see" or "can do"?
>>The former is understandable and invites suggestions, but taken as a
>>whole I sense it's meant to say it's outside of ICANN's ability or
>It's outside ICANN's ability.  Andrew Sullivan already mentioned that
>the IPv6 transition is an economic problem.  The world was told that
>IPv4 addresses had run out.  The internet is still working.  The
>networks are, in general, not facing any unsurmountable addressing
>problem.  The average user can still do what he or she likes to do on
>the internet.

"Average" is a pretty poor metric.  The average user believes the Web is
the Internet.  The average user is not an innovator.  Aim for average and

ICANN could make sure that registrars and registries support IPv6.  It's
amazing that it's possible to register a domain name with a company that
can't handle IPv6 glue records or AAAAs.

As far as "crumbling," that may be too strong a word. More like atrophy;
slow degeneration over time.  Rising costs, increasing complexity, greater


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