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David (and McTim


I believe I responded to your comments in my reply to Mike Roberts


"a strong case has been made for multistakeholder processes in the
governance of the technical aspects of the Internet. However, much of the
NetMundial discussion is concerning the governance of activities which take
place "on" the Internet (such as surveillance for example)".


(In ICANN's onionskin model of the Internet this would correspond to the
"content", "social" and (I would argue the unreasonably overlooked)
"economic" layers where traditional democratic governance structures and
processes have a long and valuable history.  For these layers, MSism would
seem to be little more than an attempt by various corporate forces to get a
seat at the table (and thus a dominant position) in decision making and
efforts by certain governments to ensure them of these opportunities.




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Clearly there is an intent to replace democratic governance with
multistakeholder governance. But this issue is not addressed in a forthright
manner anywhere in the document.


Assuming you're talking about Internet governance, "to replace democratic
governance" implies that it exists (or at least has). Can you explain why
you believe this?





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