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On 19/04/2014, at 4:39 am, Andrew Sullivan <ajs at anvilwalrusden.com> wrote:

> On Fri, Apr 18, 2014 at 11:18:05AM -0400, Lee Howard wrote:
>> ICANN could make sure that registrars and registries support IPv6.  It's
>> amazing that it's possible to register a domain name with a company that
>> can't handle IPv6 glue records or AAAAs.
> Why?  Do you really want that wish to be granted, for ICANN to become
> a regulator of registrars to the point that every one of them has to
> provide the very same service?  What exactly is the point of having a
> market of registrars in that case?

While that's true in general there is a baseline of service that every registrar should provide, which is contractually enforced.  That baseline should not remain static for two reasons:

1.  There comes a point at which certain elements of the service becomes so mainstream that they can reasonably be considered part of that baseline and any not offering it should be required to meet it.

2.  The policy body decides for public interest reasons to include certain elements that were not there before.  This after all is how many elements of our existing baseline are determined, such as WHOIS, because few registrars would support them otherwise.

2 above is a lot cleaner when the decision can be made entirely independently of the commercial implications.


> Registries that have an agreement with ICANN (some ccTLDs don't, and
> there's precious little ICANN could do about it) already do all
> support AAAA glue.
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