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El 18/04/2014, a las 19:43, David Conrad escribió:

> Carlos,
> On Apr 18, 2014, at 2:51 PM, Carlos A. Afonso <ca at cafonso.ca> wrote:
>> Point being that this is what I think Barry Shein means when he writes
>> "...RIRs are contractual entities of ICANN...".
> I would be quite surprised if Raul, Adiel, Axel, Paul, and John (just to mention a few) would feel this way.
> I believe the view of the RIR communities is that they derive their authority from the communities they serve in a bottom up fashion, not from ICANN in a top-down fashion.

Of course you are absolutely right David.  
The policies implemented by the RIRs are developed by their communities in a pure bottom up fashion, and the policies applied by IANA with regard to IP addresses are also developed by the RIR's communities. ICANN can't develop policies for being applied by IANA in a top down way.

The only role of ICANN Board is the one given by the ASO MoU (signed between ICANN and the NRO) and that is the role of ratifying the global policies developed at the RIRs level. 

There is no contract currently between the RIRs and ICANN, just the ASO MoU. http://www.nro.net/documents/icann-address-supporting-organization-aso-mou
And obviously there is no role of the USG with regard to the work of the RIRs. Policies are developed by the RIR's communities and institutional decisions are taken by RIR's members. 


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