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Avri Doria avri at acm.org
Sat Apr 19 15:30:28 UTC 2014

On 19-Apr-14 10:57, Alejandro Pisanty wrote:
> "Multistakeholderism" is not being used as an "ism", suggesting an
> ideology or a belief. It is shorthand for "participation of all
> stakeholders" and, depending on the case at hand, advances, complements
> or blazes a trail for larger-scale democratic processes (which as has
> been discussed, do not have a unique form.)


I should add that I discuss, ad nauseum perhaps, the word
multistakeholderism in a chapter of "The evolution of Global Internet
Governance" by Radu et al.  in a chapter called "Use [and abuse] of
Multistakeholderism in the Internet" Springer-Schulthess 2013.

I have an early version of this article before the polishing editors
give it at:


I do not think it is available on line otherwise.

The chapter also contains a discussion on Democracy that I am sure will
cause some to gag into flame.  I have yet to further develop this theme
beyond those few pages and would go further now in terms of
multistakeholder models as participatory democracy models.  My
contribution to NetMundial (117), makes some of those points.



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