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Patrick Ryan pryan at pryan.net
Wed Apr 23 11:59:38 UTC 2014

Hi all,

Working with our colleagues at NETmundial and ICANN, we have set up a
YouTube channel to live broadcast the event today.  It will be on one
channel in English, and on another link in six other languages.

It's available here:

Note that the presentation of it (on that page) isn't the most elegant: you
have to find the right session for the morning, afternoon, etc.  Also note
that the one that has all the other languages ("multilingual") shows
"Francais" on the left.  These are editorial issues that we haven't yet

With apologies for a little clumsiness, we hope that the technology will
still work well.

On the "multilingual" links, you'll note that there are options to click at
the top to change the language streams.

The first stream should get going at about 9:30 local time (about 30
minutes from now).

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