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Thu Apr 24 23:12:22 UTC 2014

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> He also said that he wishes both had been launched at the same time.

He actually admitted it was a major mistake not to do so.

> It seems to me - and I am speaking as an individual, this is not my
> organisation's position - that if next week's release includes some
> kind of document that explicitly relates the two pieces of work and
> shows how they interact, and that ties the scope for each into an
>overall picture of what will allow the transition plan to proceed, we
> would all be much better off than we are today.

Yes, but given past history we need to pay careful attention to that document.

> If issues of IANA separation options aren't on the table in the narrowly
> scoped IANA transition piece, they certainly will be in the broader
> accountability piece.

And I can now say that the Netmundial document contains language about consideration of separation options. Though ICANN managed to water down this language, they did not succeed in eliminating it.

> Speaking personally again, it would seem imperative that the
> accountability stuff be sorted out *before* the NTIA contract ends
> and the transition happens for the IANA functions.


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