[discuss] [] The future of 1net

Michel Gauthier mg at telepresse.com
Mon Apr 28 16:13:42 UTC 2014

At 15:19 28/04/2014, joseph alhadeff wrote:
>What seems to be clear is that there is only room for one vision and 
>one topic.  Not sure that this is a beneficial shared objective or 
>functional operational method for this list, but then I only speak 
>for myself.  Let's see how others on the list feel.

I am a little lost among vision, themes, and topics. I would like to 
be sure I understand what you suggest:

1. one vision: as defined in the NETmundial document?
2. one topic: IANA functions transfer?
3. every theme accepted, i.e. every possible perspective (i.e. ICANN; 
no ICANN, Verisign, GAC being completed by other stakeholders 
committies (ex. consumers, academics, etc.; crossed with 
transparency, accountability, etc.) as per a grid proposed by George?
4. from one stakeholder group perspective at a time (Govs, business, 
academics, techies, users, lawyers, others)

Is that you intend?


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