[discuss] [] The future of 1net

Avri Doria avri at acm.org
Tue Apr 29 14:07:47 UTC 2014

On 29-Apr-14 14:57, Novoa, Osvaldo wrote:
> I find 1net very usefull, there is a lot of background noise but is fairly easy to differentiate between usefull mails and the rest, there is a lot of this "rest".
> It takes some time and effort but I think it is worth while.
> Best regards,
> Osvaldo Novoa

I agree with this.

I think the communication we are beginning to see that breaks down these
government defined silos among non-governmental actors is necessary to
making progress in Ig.  We need to overcome the the divide and conquer
methodology that has been used for the last decade.

As for the email that some react to so viscerally, it is easy enough to
ignore them, but I would say that I do glean various oppositional themes
from this email that are things that need to be considered even if the
delivery comes in an unappealing or confusing package.  So unless they
are breaking some of the rules of inciting violence or libel and
calumny, I would not support taking action against them.

As someone who has been taken to task for contributing too much
privately, I have pulled back my participation somewhat. I suggest that
other self moderate if they can.  But I also suggest we not enforce
rules we don't have.  If we want rules then we should make some as a
group with the coordination of our steering group.  As for civility in
behavior, while I try to be civil, I am sure that I do not always
succeed.  How do we define civility and do we all have the same
definitions?  I do not support civility rules as those are often used
against those who disagree - when they argue passionately.  That, to my
mind, would not be a good thing.

I suggest we use Postel's Robustness Principle as our guide to a robust
and useful list.


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