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Thu Aug 28 14:55:52 UTC 2014

At 10:58 28/08/2014, Pindar Wong wrote:

They have decided it was the end of the begining and they will 
actively do something they have to discuss with the multistakeholders 
to decide first if the solution is not already existing but lacking 
rough consensus. This will be carried through a Chinese, Indian, etc. 
road question-show.

Will we now have Mr O.Cann starting a 2net.org platform where 
EVERYONE (says the Europan Rep) can engage everyone? Fadi seems to 
fear it. Because that would put ICANN aside? So now, it is OCANN vs 
ICANN. Good ! Our hope is that MYCANN can support both of them and others!

Anyway, we have five months before the Davos solution decision 
meeting. Another blahblahblah round :-)
The target is now the Governance Status-Quo.

"at the end it is a business" etc.... was the closing sentence.

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