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The second paragraph sums it up nicely

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This is what the IAB had to say about this in may 2000 ( http://www.rfc-editor.org/rfc/rfc2826.txt )


"To remain a global network, the Internet requires the existence of a globally unique public name space. The DNS name space is a hierarchical name space derived from a single, globally unique root. This is a technical constraint inherent in the design of the DNS. Therefore it is not technically feasible for there to be more than one root in the public DNS. That one root must be supported by a set of coordinated root servers administered by a unique naming authority.

"Put simply, deploying multiple public DNS roots would raise a very strong possibility that users of different ISPs who click on the same link on a web page could end up at different destinations, against the will of the web page designers."


On Mon, Jan 27, 2014 at 9:55 AM, Ben fuller <ben at fuller.na<mailto:ben at fuller.na>> wrote:

Does anyone out there know of studies on the economic impact that having two or more root zones. I’ve been wondering what might happen to Namibia where we have mining, tourism, financial and fishing sectors — all of which are very important to our economy — if the country were to switch over to another Internet with another route. When I think about it I can only come up with very bad scenarios and it would be nice to see if I am missing something.

Also, what are the mechanics of switching to another root? I’m thinking of questions like; How do you program routers? Can undersea cables carry both types of traffic? Could BIND handle two roots? Etc.


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