[discuss] List announcement "robust governance in the digital age"

Michel Gauthier mg at telepresse.com
Mon Feb 10 10:13:03 UTC 2014


I did not join that list for the motives but for the topic. If there 
is a way to make the support structure and mechanism of an MS 
governance robust, whatever its topic, I am interested. I wish this 
list to focus on institutional trends, antropobotic issues (i.e. what 
concerns a men machines society as we develop them), mechanical 
tools, IETF and parlementary experience, etc. outside of the narrow 
considerations specific to the internet case, history, participants, 
legal framework.

I am quite interested in having that list develop a theory and write 
a general purpose BCP on the topic.


At 08:18 10/02/2014, David Cake wrote:
>         While I've subscribed to this list as its creation seems a 
> fait accompli, I have absolutely no idea why this topic was 
> considered apparently off-topic for this (or other IG focussed) 
> list(s), and I think the idea of narrowly focussed mailing lists 
> for particular policy issues to be an extremely poor choice of 
> strategy for facilitating effective and inclusive policy 
> discussion. At best it runs the danger of limiting discussion to a 
> small number of particularly engaged participants, removing the 
> participation of those who might have significant contributions to 
> make but are not sufficiently focussed on that issue to join a new 
> mailing list. At worst, it focusses discussion on a self-selected 
> group of participants who agree with the initial framing on the issue.
>         FWIW, I'm joining this list particularly because I disagree 
> with the framing presented by Michael Gurstein presented below, and 
> believe that a discussion consisting only of those who agreed with 
> that framing, but that could be plausibly presented as an outcome 
> of the 1net community, would be counter-productive.
>         Regards

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