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Shatan, Gregory S. GShatan at ReedSmith.com
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I think Mr. Morfin is assuming a connection between the NSA's activities (as brought to light by Snowden) and the root that just isn't there (or at the very least, is not supported by the record).  Without a direct connection between the "Snowden revelations" and the root, the calls to move the root (or split the root, etc.) stand on much shakier ground, and rely more on opinion, emotion and prejudgment and less on fact.  "Calling for an investigation" when there is nothing to investigate is just intended to score points.

The reality of how ICE freezes domains (so to speak) is rather more mundane.  And by and large, these are domains being used by cybercriminals and other bad actors.  Not sure why the deep level of concern for their rights.

It also doesn’t help matters to conflate the US government, ICANN, and US private companies (e.g., Verisign and PIR).  It's not all one vast conspiratorial ball.

Greg Shatan

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The ICE court orders are on the public record. Have at it.

And what petty actions would those be?


And what petty actions would those be?

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>At 01:24 19/02/2014, Don Blumenthal wrote:
>>Assuming that ICE refers to US Immigration and Customs Enforcement,
>>domain-related court orders that it has obtained from judges generally
>>contain redirects at the name server level
>Hosts can be accessed by their IP. How, non-US located Hosts seem to be
>affected. I  was just caling for an investigation. I am in particlar
>interested in non-US hosted sites. BTW, I know (by
>experience) that there are other forms of petty actions made easy by
>the US monopoly on .com, .net and .org which by definition should be

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