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> This is its job, but it means the end of the e-sovereignty limbo.
> E-sovereignty cannot be limited to the physical boundaries of Westphalian
> Nation-States. This means that the other States national soverignty has
> also to become global. This was the essence of my initial ISO 3166 based
> reporting on the namespace unique single reality (1978/86) This is
> expressed through VGNs (Virtual Global Networks).

*This is RINA (John Day) + IRATI (i2cat) + PRISTINE (TSSG). *

*Each VGN in a secured bubble (DIF).*
*No need for DNS  !!*


> I held the concept for years because the world was not prepared to 192
> ICANNs by 192 Govs: crime would have been the first to take advantage from
> it. Now, after Snowden, the degree of political digital awareness has
> reached a sufficient level to insure us an ambiant protection from criminal
> creeps.
> Now, once we have VGNs and presentation Layer six netix continuity at
> least conceptually with us, we can use MS enhanced cooperation
> organizations in order to organize the whole digisphere ecosystem, probably
> as a World Digisphere Organization where we will have to normatively
> accomodate multilaterality and MSism among Govs, Business, and informed
> users, each of them having its own political, technical, cultural, legal
> contributors.
> jfc
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