[discuss] DNS resolution (was: discuss Digest, Vol 3, Issue 67)

S Moonesamy sm+1net at elandsys.com
Fri Feb 21 06:29:18 UTC 2014

Hi Barry,
At 11:14 20-02-2014, Barry Shein wrote:
>David is correct.
>Many hosts work this way, many, many do not.
>Try the same experiment with www.complaint.com (
>It's even more complicated than that (e.g., references embedded within
>the page.)


There have been complaints on this mailing list about some 
discussions being too technical.  I will skip the technical details.

The issue was whether a web site which was subject to domain name 
seizure can still be accessed by the user.  My conclusion was yes.  I 
took into consideration the publicly available information [1] about 
the impact of these domain seizures to reach that conclusion.

S. Moonesamy

1. I doubt that anyone from the .SE ccTLD would disagree  

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