[discuss] governments and rule of law (was: Possible approaches to solving...)

Jefsey jefsey at jefsey.com
Mon Feb 24 12:50:56 UTC 2014

At 12:59 24/02/2014, Steve Crocker wrote:
>John, et al,
>There is work underway to bring the GAC earlier into the policy 
>development process so their input is available during and not just 
>after the PDP concludes.

What is surprising is that the BoD, during its september meeting, 
when it planned its /1net strategy, did not planned a way to involve 
the GAC in the Sao Paulo preparation. Sao Paulo may lead (directly or 
indirectly - in particular when considering figures in Elisabeth 
Blanconil's list - to a new vision by the States of their involvement 
both through the GAC and IGF and to concentrate their cyber issues at 
the UNGA layer (the well established governments MS intergovernance). 
This might show the limits of a VGNIC at relating with sovereign 
entities (them being public as States, or private as TNCs). This is 
what PDT is documenting. The VGNICS/HomeRoot experimentation is for 
us a way to experiment the grassroots MS possibility and role in that 

I note that Brazil is the second leader in ICANN top zone name 
servers. Germany equals Brazil due to its own ORSN systems. It will 
be interesting to see other VGNICs develop may be from less ICANN 
priviledged countries or less connected ones. Also, Elisabeth, it 
would be interesting to have the break down by connected users and 
population of each country.


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