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SM sm at resistor.net
Mon Feb 24 18:12:30 UTC 2014

Hi Steve,
At 07:38 24-02-2014, Steve Crocker wrote:
>Thanks.  Two comments about root servers

>1. A list of which countries have root servers 
>and which do not is the beginning but not the 
>end of the discussion.  The technical question 
>is whether a locale is being served well 
>enough.  "Well enough" is usually measured in 
>terms of delay to get an answer to a look up, 
>e.g. 89 milliseconds, and reliability, e.g. 
>answers are received 99.923% of the time.  (Both 
>of the numbers in the previous sentence are 
>illustrative and not related to any actual 
>measurement.  I made them up as I typed.)  On 
>the other hand, many people seem concerned with 
>political questions, e.g. which countries are 
>important enough to have root servers.  It would 
>help the discussion to know what questions are 
>being asked.  The list of root server locations may or may not be relevant.

There is a sample response time at 

The above technical question is a good 
one.  There was a study about the global response 
of (DNS) Root servers.  It highlighted some 
inconsistencies in the results for Europe [1] and other parts of the world.

A decision based on the list of Root server 
locations would be ill-informed.  It might 
satisfy a political concern while not providing 
the end-user with a better service.

S. Moonesamy

1. I am using the region as an example. 

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