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I return to my plea that we try to use commonly understood terms. While of course, we all speak the languages we understand, even if theyare code for the specialization of our personal or professional daily lives.
We are seeking not to just hear views from all of us who work on a varietyof spaces, but to attract new participants to this space.
I am reminded of my first venture onto an early NOG list, where although I had professional creds in my space, I had no creds to the 'real' guys/galswho operated the networks. I was lucky to have a 'sage on the side' who coaxed me onto the list, and coached me, and decoded for me. 
While I might not have been much of a contributor in substance, I learnedso much from the discussions among these really smart and dedicatedpractitioners of what in those days was both art and science, and skill.
but understanding the 'code' was a real barrier for me, initially.
Just a thought as we all write shorthand /and abbreviations... NOT to say don't do it, just to say: hmmm, can 'my language' be understood by as many as possible. 

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> >For someone who is not interested in the "way servers [etc.] 
> >call themselves," you are throwing around a lot of terms and 
> >acronyms most (if not all) of which seem to be used only within 
> >a narrow group and are not used (or no longer used) or 
> >understood by many (and in some cases most) on this list, such as (but not limited to):
> We are all guilty of that. 
> I'll see your VGNIC Catenet and raise you a GNSO CCWG (part of the IG ecosystem, or as Mike Roberts would put it, "IG governance"). 
> But Philip Hallam Baker said it best in a recent post: "Use SSL with RSA2048+ and AES128/SHA256 to secure SUBMIT, IMAP and POP" Yeah! Right on, bro!
> You let that pass and went after the Francophones? 
> How about bill's sig, "Neca eos omnes, Deus suos agnoscet"?  Those are not acronyms... 
> How's your Latin?
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