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I don't consider anything I said to be a flame (nor your responses).  Perhaps you feel it is personal because you are passionate about this project.

And I think there is a metapurpose in probing into VGNIC/IUCG from a semantic angle.  I think it illuminates much about the process by which this branch of thought/technology are developing.

My remark about Hebe's nickname was merely a joke.  Perhaps it didn't translate well.  No point in being humorless.

As for the background, I appreciate it.  Some I knew (include a sense of where M. Pouzin stands in the internet's past); some I didn't.  I hope we are all continual learners.  I did go on Elizabeth's site before I wrote my  post and saw the quote from Vint Cerf from 1978.  I'll let Vint Cerf speak for himself as to whether he believes now (or was stating then) that "his internet project is Louis Pouzin's catenet."

As to whether "VGNICS is the very core of the Sao Paulo debate once we have technically implemented, tested and verified it," you are certainly entitled to your opinion.  I'm not sure I believe it is, or should be.  It could conceivably be that, or it could be something less or different -- time will tell.  It's harder to tell when using non-congruent technical vocabularies (one of my metapoints).  I'll let others delve deeper into whether this is quixotic or revolutionary, practical or fantastic, relevant or irrelevant/opportunistic, desirable or undesirable....  I will wish you luck in implementation, etc.


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At 08:28 25/02/2014, Shatan, Gregory S. wrote:
>I felt it was fair to note the use of a particular vocabulary, which
>seems associated with and primarily used by those within a particular
>movement, that few if any outside that movement seem to understand --
>and that this particular usage seems to impede discussions of the very
>concepts it is intended to describe.

Flame wars are of no interest if they do not have a metapurpose.

In this case you were personal (again, today about Hebe speciosa's
nickname) and wrong (the VGNICS is the very core of the Sao Paulo debate once we have technically implemented, tested and verified it).
Better to sop it.

For what Marilyn and you do not undersnand, I will document it later today in response to Bill Manning.

1. I certainly know Louis since 1978 and we created an association
(Eurolinc) together, but my technical roots are in sea operational use and my architectonic vision come from Norman Hardy's Tymnet.

2. Had you been on Elisabeth's site you would have seen that the reference is Vint Cerf. Vint Cerf is the one who explains that his internet project is Louis Pouzin's catenet.

3. You are probably confusing architectonical cultures.
http://pouzinsociety.org/: I certainly do not disagree with Louis Pouzin and John Day on everything, but on the peculiar DNS issue it happens that we fundamentally disagree!

4. Since I am not sure you understood who Louis is and how his positions relate to the internet's past, present and future:

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