[discuss] rootservers

Elisabeth Blanconil info at vgnic.org
Wed Feb 26 03:01:48 UTC 2014

Dear Bill,
I am not sure I understand this mail of yours.

At 00:21 26/02/2014, manning bill wrote:
>Still more questions and based on a printed report,

Which printed report?

>a serious lack of sustainable structure for such a grand vision as the VGNIC

Grand vision? hmmmm.
It seems that you confuse with ICANN. In the IETF 
the idea is running code, at the IUCG it is living mode.
What we want to experiment first is the adequate 
size and vision for the modest task of common 
secretariat which is required and its necessary tools.

When considering the ICANN's myriad of tasks our 
option is "Neca eos omnes. Usores ilos agnoscent."

>URL for the meeting, venue, participants, program?
> > - then http://doodle.com/u9wnrr3quz3f8fmy on 
> March 11 in Paris, the day after the French IGF.
>      again, URL for this meeting, its venue, 
> participants, and program would be most helpful

?? you got it.

> > - the target is to prepare a 
> coordinated/concerted project at the IUCG 
> OpenCamp during the Montpellier (France) FLOSS 
> RMLL meeting, during the second week of July.
>Google shows a disconnected history of the FLOSS 
>RMLL meetings, with sporadic reporting going 
>back at least six years.   RMLL (Rencontres 
>Mondiales du Logiciel Libre) report from 2013 reads:

?? JFC told you "during". It will be an IUCG 
meeting at our place when plenty of people will 
be around or on the beach.Nothing is decided yet. 
This will be discussed among organizers.during 
the next months. We are more interested in 
serious explorations and good working tools than in press releases.


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