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On 25/02/2014, at 7:19 PM, Avri Doria wrote:

> Unfortunately ICANN is more the standard corporation with a CEO who has his own vision, with a Board that approves, instead of the multistakeholder organization where that vision directs their actions. That is, it may not be the organzation most of those volunteering in it think it is.
Can we not have elements of both?

Being CEO of ICANN is a very tightly constrained position. Its extremely different from when a CEO is brought in to a commercial company and has carte blanche about direction, markets, range of products, staffing etc.
We do have a large body of people labouring in the constituencies and SOs and ACs in a bottom up way, and with processes, procedures and a culture that is now strong and deep. Most of that works its way into policy and gets implemented. No CEO at ICANN has tried to (or could) subvert the great majority of that work.

But leadership ( Energy, charisma, vision) is also required, and the ability to bring focus and energy and experience and fresh ways of doing things. They have a view about what areas they would like to concentrate their own time and energy on, and they know their own skill sets.

As always, the trick is to get the balance right - and that will change depending on the the conditions. While you have control mechanisms, and use them wisely, you can get the best of both worlds.



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