[discuss] listing the 2014 meetinsg

Jeremy Malcolm jeremy at ciroap.org
Fri Jan 3 08:08:15 UTC 2014

On 03/01/14 16:00, Nick Ashton-Hart wrote:
> I believe the ISOC and IETF events are all in the BestBits calendar,
> FWIW. Perhaps someone from BB could confirm that.

Most, but not yet all of them - the calendar needs volunteers. :-)  If
you notice any events missing, please just go to
http://bestbits.net/events/ and click "+ Post Your Event".  Later this
year I hope to have a dedicated intern who will be able to take charge
of adding and updating events.

Note, the calendar is meant to be a public resource and hence we make it
easy to syndicate it elsewhere.  Besides syndicating the iCalendar feed,
you can also embed it in any other website.  Instructions are here:


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