[discuss] Blogpost: So What Do We Do Now? Living in a Post-Snowden World

Peter H. Hellmonds peter.hellmonds at hellmonds.eu
Fri Jan 3 10:33:25 UTC 2014

What I'm really concerned about is the horror scenario of smart NSA hackers going into the cyber mafia underground for their next well-paid job when NSA is going to be defunded in a serious way. We should really be looking at providing positive alternatives for these talented people. 

Peter H. Hellmonds
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On 03.01.2014, at 04:35, Phillip Hallam-Baker <hallam at gmail.com> wrote:

We might not be able to stop the NSA but those are not the actors I am most worried about. There are governments with rather worse ambitions and thanks to Snowden their cyber-attack agencies have just received carte blanche level funding.

We can certainly stop the Russian mafia from stealing money from our banks and stop vandals attacking power and water plants.

We can also modify the behavior of the NSA so that they think really hard before they authorize a program. From now on they are going to be thinking about the likelihood that any new program they authorize ends up on the front page of the NYT. 

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