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Taking a cue from bullet 2... As a separate thread, I was hoping we could discuss what role 1-Net might play in helping to organize the Brazil meeting as a separate thread.  This is meant to be a dialog on the possible role, not how to populate committees or organize stakeholders.  The participation of colleagues from CGI would be very useful in this discussion as well. 


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Hello All,

To prevent this thread to become one of the things we want to avoid, I would like to conclude the discussion saying that that idea of limitation does not fly and there has been interesting valid arguments showing that the side effect of such limitation to posts may be more detrimental to the discussions, the substance and /1net spirit globally. 

So can I offer these few suggestions going forward:

1. We all use our good judgment to be concise and direct/precise as much as possible on topics we are contributing to.
2. We all make effort to create new subjects line when a topic starts drifting to something irrelevant to the original subject of a thread.
3. We will try to organise ourselves to provide some regular stats and summary of the discussions, highlighting key topics to allow some further focus discussion where needed.

Globally I think we are seeing some interesting and substantial multi perspective discussions on the list. Let keep the spirit while evolving to a process that will provide more concrete outputs.

Let move on and close this topic for now.

Thank you all for you inputs.

- a.

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> Hello all,
> In one of the thread there was a suggestion to limit the number of mails per day per person to make it easy for everyone to follow and prevent few and same people to overload the mailing list (the number of 4 was suggested but that is disputable). I know some will jump that it is will be breach to freedom of expression :-) (which in fact will be somehow true), but frankly it is becoming not easy to keep track of everything posted on the list. (I have to catchup with 300+ emails after few days off) Can_we/should_we do anything at all about that? Thoughts?
> - a.
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