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Ahh. Milton. a wee bit of academic turf war fun for our on-looking


I've covered all of your points re: the bona fides of the CI community on
this list and earlier as part of associated discussions on the BB and IGC
lists over the last several months (years.) no need to repeat them again, I
think.  (I'll just draw your attention to the quite distinguished Editorial
Board of the Journal of Community Informatics
<http://ci-journal.net/index.php/ciej/about/editorialTeam> -if you like I'll
pass any of your further "academic" or other queries along to them-Carlos
Afonso, Ashok Jhunjhunwallah, Hubert Kubichek, Bernardo Sorj, Anriette
Esterhuyzen, Klaus Stoll, Sascha Meinrath.


You of course, can choose to define Internet Governance any way that suits
your purposes including as "ICANN, IGF, the RIRs, IETF or any of the other
institutions directly engaged with IG" but I'm not sure that WSIS, the WGIG,
the various IGF's or the President of Brazil would agree with you. 


FWIW I'm standing for selection for nomination by the CI community for one
of the CS slots as I think I can potentially make a more useful contribution
to CI and the success of the Brazil event as a member of the Exec Comm than
as an academic (and yes, Milton I can chew and walk at the same time-being
both an "academic" of sorts and an active member of the CI community which
for some purposes identifies with and participates in Civil
Society-remembering as you should, that those definitions are not our


The nominating and other processes of the CI community can be seen at
http://vancouvercommunity.net/lists/arc/ciresearchers (perhaps you could
similarly share with us your/Giganet's nomination processes with all of us.




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Time for someone to call your bluff. Is your CI community civil society or
academic? You now claim that either one will do. That seems to expose this
whole effort of yours as nothing more than a vehicle for getting yourself on
a committee. 


CI describes itself as concerned with ICTs and their impact on community,
especially local communities. That's an interesting and perfectly legitimate
set of interests, but it is far more general than the issues we are
concerned with and fairly remote from global internet governance (unless of
course, you want to perpetuate the fallacy of calling anything and
everything related to the Internet as part of global internet governance.)  


Thus it not surprising that no one from this CI community has established a
significant presence in ICANN, IGF, the RIRs, IETF or any of the other
institutions directly engaged with IG. The one person who seems to overlap
those worlds - you - is also involved in and represented in IGC and IRP -
and you could be involved in Giganet as an academic if you wanted to be. If
the people involved in those entities didn't choose to nominate you for
these positions, then that's your problem, not the entire 1net community's


So please, stop pretending that CI is some massive grassroots movement
related to Internet governance that deserves special representation; and
stop pretending that  your frustration with not being selected by CS means
that their procedures were illegitimate. 


You are your group are free to contribute position papers to the process and
to attend, as far as we know. Why don't you see how far you can get on
persuasion and education, if that's really your  mission?


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Hi Seun,


Thanks for your note and for your suggestion.  As I mentioned, the Community
Informatics (CI) community is currently going through a formal NomCom
process to identify candidates both for CS nominations and for "academic"
nominations given that we include significant active elements from both
civil society and academia.


We would of course, be delighted to collaborate in any way appropriate with
Giganet and others and the Giganet nominating process however, I think that
the CI nominees guided as they would be by the consensus CI Declaration may
have different interests and inputs than those coming from Giganet. 


CI "academics" almost without exception, are or have been working with
grassroots users to facilitate local access, use, and development by means
of the Internet.  The consequence of this is that their activities on the
proposed committees would certainly reflect this on the ground practical
experience and, based on their associated research would introduce a
significant and broadly based knowledge component into these activities and
through this means, hopefully into the meeting as a whole.






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Hello Micheal, all

It seem to me that there are 2 different platforms providing nomination to
1Net for the academic sector. Based on the recent update provided by
Milton(which I am glad about it's diversity), will there still be need for
more nomination? Unless the number of academic representatives required by
1Net is yet to be reached. 
However, on the second thought; 1Net is calling for nomination so perhaps
there will still be a process for actual election of members(which I doubt).
Otherwise @Milton I don't think there still a need for further nomination.
"IMHO" it may have been more helpful if both organisation coordinated
efforts before this time (again borrowing from the CS approach)


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Please note Adiel,

That the Community Informatics community is in the midst of its NomCom
process and will be providing you with several highly qualified nominees to
the academic sector from within our community no later than Jan. 12.



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Thank you Milton.

- a.
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> Dear Adiel:
> Here is the final list of recommendations from Giganet for the
> academic sector slots on the 1net coordinating committee
> Angela Daly (Australia) angela.daly at EUI.EU Ramesh Subramanian
> (India/USA) ramesh.subramanian at quinnipiac.edu Stefania Milan (Italy,
> NL) Stefania.Milan at EUI.eu William Drake (USA, CH) William.drake at uzh.ch
> Boubakar Barry (Ghana) Boubakar.Barry at wacren.net
> Milton Mueller
> Chair, GigaNet Steering Committee
> Professor, Syracuse University School of Information Studies
> http://faculty.ischool.syr.edu/mueller/
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