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JFC Morfin jefsey at jefsey.com
Mon Jan 6 15:05:08 UTC 2014


thank you for quickly coming on the 1NET list before the debate 
starts on you being on it or not!

There are a few oddities in this draft that can be discussed at leisure.

However, one is directly under your authority: "Currently the 
maintenance, implementation and publication of most of the IETF 
protocol Registries is performed by the Internet Corporation for 
Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN)."

After the What and the Who, on expected the How. However, we only get 
a "most" and an ICANN. Where/how are published the others?

Actually, what would be really needed is the IANA as a Database or as 
a File (as ISO does it) possibly ISO 11179  conformant. Any chance, 
in any future? Or is this to be externally  produced?

BTW, has ICANN a monopoly on the IANA data? Or do they belong to the 
USDoC (what the General Accountant doubted it did)? Or the IPR are 
claimed by ISOC? Or is it on a parameter by parameter basis depending 
on the date? (It is just that the authors of ".com" and ".uk" could 
claim some royalties ...)


At 14:09 06/01/2014, Jari Arkko wrote:
>I wanted to share some thoughts on how I see IANA, its role and 
>evolution. This is mostly from an IETF perspective, but it also 
>touches on the role of IANA for addresses and domain names.
>  http://www.ietf.org/blog/2014/01/iana/
>As pointed out by the article, the IAB and its IANA evolution team 
>is working on a framework document that talks about the overall 
>model, and the separation of oversight from policy and 
>implementation. An early draft is here:
>  http://tools.ietf.org/html/draft-iab-iana-framework-00
>I know that the IAB and Olaf Kolkman would appreciate feedback, from 
>both within the IETF and other parts of the ecosystem. They are 
>soliciting feedback to the IAB internetgovtech list 
>(http://www.iab.org/mailman/listinfo/internetgovtech) but we do of 
>course take input from all directions we can get.
>Jari Arkko
>IETF Chair
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