[discuss] IP Protocols and Intranets

nathalie coupet nathaliecoupet at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 6 15:59:59 UTC 2014

Hi John et al.,

I have a few questions: 
1) Could you please explain why IPv6 creates more security concerns by its use of MAC addresses than IPv4?

2) Why doesn't the IETF design a protocol for IPvX with a pool of addresses we *know* will never run out instead of renewing the difficult task of changing the routing hardware every so often when faced with the threat of depletion? (even though this might not be the case before several centuries with IPv6).

3) What would designing multiple geographic Intranets do to the overall operation of the Internet (besides wreaking havoc on the business model of Big Data companies such as Google, Facebook and the likes?)

4) What happened to the project of assigning the IANA function and ICANN responsibilities to the IAB? Why was it dropped?   


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